Jan L. De Jong asserts that “The afterlife of Queen Dido of Carthage was probably even more tragic than her suicidal death on the funeral pyre.” The UK’s National Gallery has a website devoted to Liberale da Verona’s “Dido’s Suicide.”  Clive Head discusses J. M. W. Turner’s uses of perspective in “Dido Building Carthage.” ArtStor is a digital library for searching the history of visual art; Oxford Art Online includes the Grove Art encyclopedia.


Detail of a miniature of several episodes from book IV of Virgil’s Aeneid: on the right, the hunt during which Dido and Aeneas meet; on the left, Dido and Aeneas ride into a cave together, and in the middle of the image, Dido is on her funeral pyre, committing suicide after the departure of Aeneas.and decorated initial ‘A'(t). 

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