Professor Caki Wilkinson visited our seminar to discuss some 20th century poets who have written about Dido:

Anna Akhmatova, “Don’t be frightened” (1962)

John Ashbery, “Dido” sonnet in The Tennis Court Oath (1962)

Joseph Brodsky, “Dido and Aeneas“; interview cites Akhmatova and Purcell as influences (1964)

David Ferry, “Dido in Despair,” From Virgil, Aeneid IV (lines 450-473) (2012)

Louise Glück, “The Queen of Carthage” (1998); Glück’s classicism contrasted to Frank Bidart’s by Rosanna Warren

Linda Gregerson, “Dido Refuses to Speak,” set to music by Susan Botti (2012)

Barbara Guest, “Dido to Aeneas” (1961); “Shabby Boot” (2002)

Seamus Heaney, “The Riverbank Field” (2010); Michael Parker discusses the presence of Vergil in the poem

Judith Johnson, “Body Politic” (1992)

Kate Llewellyn, “Dido” (1992)

Robert Lowell, “Falling Asleep over the Aeneid” (1948)

Tom Lowenstein, “The Death of Dido” (1978)

Charles Martin, “Dido and Aeneas” (1984)

Virginia McCormick, “Dido” (1926)

Phyllis McGinley, “Dido of Tunisia” (1943)

Howard Nemerov, “Epitaph” (date?)

Frank O’Hara, “Dido” (1970)

Linda Pastan, “Dido’s Farewell” (read by the author) (1982)

Dean Rader, “Self Portrait as Dido to Aeneas” (read by the author) (2012)

Frederick Seidel, “Dido With Dildo” (2002)

Anne Shaw, “Self Portrait as Dido,” “Dido and the Little Match Girl,” “Dido in Winter” (2014)

Stevie Smith, “Dido’s Farewell to Aeneas” (1957)

Kathleen Spivack, “Dido: Swarming” (1972)

Sidney Wade, “Dido in the Underworld” (1997)

Marya Zaturenska, “The Vision of Dido” (1973)


Anne Shaw, Dido in Winter


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