Threepenny Theatre Company performed Marlowe’s play on Saturday, April 18, 2015 – for the first time in Memphis.

Likely one of Marlowe’s first plays, Dido Queene of Carthage was published shortly after Marlowe’s 1593 death, in a 1594 quarto. The Marlowe Society has a helpful introduction and critical overview of the play. Project Perseusmodernized text. Early Drama at Oxford recently hosted Performing Dido, which included a production of not only Marlowe’s play but also a Latin version by his peer William Gager; view their 30-minute documentary about their project.

Donatella du Plessis compares Marlowe’s Dido-Aeneas play to Vergil’s episode. Efterpi Mitsi claims that “the ekphrasis of the statue of Priam (2.1.3–15) compresses Virgil’s description of the fall of Troy depicted on the walls of Juno’s temple in Carthage, representing a rewriting of the Aeneid 1.441–93.” Clare Kinney holds that “Marlowe produces a ‘Dido script’ which threatens to liberate his heroine from Virgil’s imperial designs.” Jackson Cope speculates about the play’s original performance by boys.


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